Sunday, December 22, 2013

A look back to 2013 - December

Hi all,
For the next couple of weeks while our designers take a vacation we are taking a stroll down 2013's releases in reverse order.
Today we start with December...
  Mistletoe Marcie and Bertie by Wendy Hall
Mistletoe Bertie and Marcie

A Christmas Hug with Snowflake Shelly
Snowflake Shelly

Sweet Christmas Mouse by Bev Cole
Christmas mouse

Pressie Gingers by Sassy Raggedy
Pressie Gingers

Santa Molly and Winter Fun Sentiment Set by Sandy
Santa Molly

Winter night Snowie Lola by Grandma Bonnie
winter night Lola

Donnie and Slippy by Larelyn
Donnie and Slippy

Christine Garner
Gift giving Susie

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