Monday, November 14, 2016

Tutorial Tuesday | Snowglobe Pouch Shaker Card

Happy Tutorial Tuesday! leslierahye here with a new tutorial using the Snowglobe Card SVG cut and the Angel Saffi Snowglobe Set to make a Snowglobe Pouch Shaker Card

I began by printing the the snowglobe base, the colored background and Mitzy and Maizy Elf [sized to fit in the glob] on my favorite Kraft cardstock. I colored the base of the snowglobe with colored pencils. I colored the snow on the colored backgroud white and used white pencil and silver pencil in the "snowflakes" on the colored background.

I also cut the SVG pattern for the Snowglobe Card on brown. Now the SVG does not exactly match the Snowglobe stamp in the Angel Saffi set...but it is close! The set does not have a RING so I used the BIG circle on the SVG file and then created one that was ½" smaller so that it would cut out a ½" ring.

I colored Mitzi and Maizy with colored pencils as well and cut them out by hand. I colored between the legs with the same white pencil as I used for the snow so that it would match when I glued them to the colored globe background!

See!! Pefect!

I glue all the parts to the base of the card. 

 I glued my ring to a sheet protector.

There are a number of ways that you can make a "pouch" for a shaker. If you have the fuse tool, you could cut circles with your shaker materials inside and then just use double-sided tape to adhere the ring to the pouch and to the background. Another method would be to use foam tape to create a seal around the ring.

FOR MY CARD, I glued the ring to the sheet protector. Then I cut out the ring leaving the center plastic. I then took double-sided tape and completely went around the ring so that there was a complete seal. I spinkled out my shaker goodies [since they were relatively flat and could shake in the pouch without added dimension].

I love this with the sequins and microbeads!! Super fun!

 Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial!

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