Friday, May 28, 2010

Guest Designer Day

Hi all, hope your having a fabby Saturday........ normally our Guest DT is Thursdays but as I was on vacation last week we changed it to today!! So I am super excited to share with you the talented..........



I have been crafting all of my life, in one form or another. I was very successful as a bead artist (you can see my work on my blog -"target="_blank" ). I had my work published in over a dozen books and magazines, and lectured and taught all over the country. But... my beaded pieces took on an average 500-1000 hours to complete. About 8 years ago, I began scrapbooking when my first nephew was born. I instantly fell in love with the immediacy of the medium (compared to the crazy hours I spent beading!) In the past year, I have gotten hooked on cardmaking, stamping and coloring with copics. It's really funny to look at any of my work, from beadwork to paper and to be able to see the same style emerge, regardless of the medium. I have always loved dimension, and color and layers. I would say my papercrafting style is Shabby Chic meets Dolly Parton.

Papercrafting is really a family thing for me. My sister and I love getting together at least once a week to color and craft - and of course, my 4 year old nephew wants in on the action as well! My husband, doesn't ever craft with me, but he is my biggest cheerleader, and is always supportive of what I do. We just celebrated our first anniversary . We have a fairytale romance - we knew each other in high school and were friends, but went over 20 years without any contact, and reconnected on Facebook and quickly knew we were meant to be together. I work 4 days a week as a Dental Hygienist in a pediatric dental office - so papercrafting is always a welcomed release!

Thanks so much Gini for joining us and giving us such a great insight into your work!! not to mention your fabulous card!~!

Have a great day

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